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Our policy

We at Creative World, believe in family! We treat each child as if they are our own children. Treating children just like family develops creativity, love, self-independency, communication, and family support. We want to help your child grow and develop in their social and physical skills. Creative World encourages curiosity and hands on learning, allowing children a safe and friendly environment to explore. 

 We also encourage parent involvement and have an open communication system with every family being sure to address essentials development milestones and overall progress of each child.

Creative World Pre-School Application


payment information

We accept cash, money orders, and Paypal payments for all tuition, registration and any fees. All payments are due on Monday by the end of the day 6 p.m. pacific standard time. We are only accepting Paypal through our website at this time. Cash and money orders are to be directly to the school. No refunds.


Preschool full time $1300 per month

Preschool part time $1100 per month

Toddler option full time $1600 per month

Toddler option part time $1380 per month

Each Child Makes A Creative World

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